Course Content

This international saddle fitting course has the broadest scope and deepest reach of any course offered. Informed by the current and growing body of academic research the course enables practitioners to apply the newest validated learning to saddle fitting, to improve the comfort of horses and enable a more rewarding horse-rider partnership. Learning averages 750 hours

The course encompasses the following areas:

small_grey_horseAnatomy, physiology and biomechanics of equine and human; training, nutrition and other management influences on welfare, performance and saddle fit; conformation and how it relates to riders chosen discipline and saddle fit; pathology, including back and lameness checks and saddle / rider influences on pathology; correct back templating.

small_grey_saddleTree and saddle construction, materials and fault finding – in a variety of saddle types including English, western, baroque, treeless and flexible treed; Assessment of saddle fit and balance; girthing for balance, freedom of movement and horse comfort; use of therapeutic pads and remedial saddle fitting; bit and bridle assessment and fitting.

Course Structure

gerry_roundCourse Tutors

The MSFC academy has a long-standing history in the Netherlands, where it was created by Dr Gerry Oossanen. Dr Oossanen is a Veterinarian, Chartered Physiotherapist, certified acupuncturist and thermographer. You can read more at


Distance Learning

box_distLearning starts independantly at home in your own time

Intensive Residental

box_schoolThe next step is a mix of theory and practical lessons in The Netherlands or France. Your practical exams take place on the last day

Written Exams

box_lampOn your return home you are asked to produce a comprehensive case-study, and to take a 2-hour theory exam online


box_certOn passing all elements you will be awarded the MSFC certificate!


The MSFC Society offers support:

- From the moment you consider studying  - we are happy to answer any questions you may have about the course and working as a saddle-fitter

- For Associate (student) and Full (qualified) members - we'll support your training with shadowing opportunities, training events, and a lively member forum

You can see what our benefits for members include here: