MSFC Society

The MSFC Society was set up in 2013  to represent and provide support for MSFC qualified saddle-fitters.

Our key aims


Supporting members
We are only as strong as our members, and so we aim to offer excellent continued training and mentoring in all matters that affect how they do their job - horse to rider to business. And of course the support goes two ways. Our members carry a wealth of knowledge which we all benefit from
Raise Society profile
Although the MSFC Academy is well established in the Netherlands it is still a relative new-comer to the rest of the world and the UK. Our work then aims to let people know about our qualified fitters and to give them another good way of finding a qualified, methodical and caring saddle-fitter
Work with others
Just as good saddle-fit goes hand-in-hand with good training, riding, nutrition and care of both horse and rider’s bodies so the Society cannot work alone. We aim to work with like-minded organisations, whether saddlery, therapy or other to lift standards of saddle-fit and horse welfare
Improving ridden welfare
Only by working with other groups, and lifting the standards of our own members, can we contribute to the continuing improvement of equine ridden welfare. We are drawn to riding horses, so we must ensure that we enable them to carry us in a healthy manner and with the greatest comfort.
Member CPD
Marketing and PR
Rider education
Executive Team
CPD Working Group
Other Working Groups
Our Members

Other Equine Associations and groups:

BETA - British Equestrian Trade Association

BETA works to represent equine trades and business, sets standards within the industry and supports its membership. Some MSFC Saddle-fitters are also BETA members.

ETN - Equine Trade News

Allied to BETA the ETN monthly magazine and email updates reflects all that is happening in equine retail. Runs valuable CPD features.

Worshipful Company of Saddlers

Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners

BHS - British Horse Society

The BHS are active in many spheres of equine activity, from riding schools, horse welfare to maintaining our bridleways.

SMS - Society of Master Saddlers

A very longstanding institution representing and training the Saddlery trade. MSFC members work closely with SMS saddlers and fitters.

BEVA - British Equine Veterinary Association

WCF - Worshipful Company of Farriers


What is the MSFC Society?

We are a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers

We operate only for the interests of our members, the riding public and, above all, the horse

We have a constitution and a code of conduct which all members are expected to abide by

Our members are either students of the MSFC diploma (Associate) or those who have qualified (Full)

We work closely with other saddle-fitters and para-professionals like chiropractors

We represent our members on the Saddle-Fitting Steering Group

We have a special focus on CPD to enable continued learning and development for our members

We have three main aims:

- to support our members

- to raise the profile of the Society

- and to educate riders and owners about saddle-fit in order to contribute to the continued improvement of ridden welfare for the horse